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Shanghai Yecai

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“Shanghai Yecai Technology Development Co., Ltd.” is a subsidiary of “Laizhou Huayin Testing Instrument Co., Ltd.” established in Shanghai.


It relies on the product quality advantages of Laizhou Huayin Company Base, processing and manufacturing advantages, variety brand advantages, focusing on future development, based on resource integration, nesting and intelligence, and intelligence level, entity units, window channels, extensive economic development, technology , cultural exchanges and cooperation.


The origin of “YECAI”: Laizhou Huayin was founded in February 1948. Since 1961, according to the planning and deployment of the Ministry of Machinery Industry of the country, it has designated the designated professional R&D and manufacturing of hardness tester products, and enabled the “Shandong Jixian Material Test”. The name of the machine factory was changed to the city of Laizhou in 1987. The exclusive name of 'Yecai' is the abbreviation of Laizhou Huayin's former name 'Shandong Jixian Material Testing Machine Factory', and the 'Coffin' trademark is another registered trademark of Laizhou Huayin.

Address: Building 3, Mai Teng Venture World, No. 129, Lane 822, Zhennan Road, Putuo District, Shanghai

Tel: 18853526778 (WeChat with the same number)

Enterprise QQ: 3320718748

Shanghai Yecai Technology Development Co., Ltd.