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Feature & Use: 

* Menu operation, easy and convenient, large LCD display 

* Key or touch type screen operation

* Automatic hardness conversion

* Large capacity rechargeable battery

* Attached printer can be used to print out testing result

* Automatic recognition for the type of impact device

* Automatic detecting the impacting direction

* The setup can be be saved automatically

* Dual-operation both by keys or touch screen

* Automatic storage for 800 groups of testing data



Application range:

* For testing on large and heavy workpieces or installed permanent parts

* For testing in narrow and small spaces where it is not easy to test for bench type hardness testers

* It is suitable to determinethe Leeb hardness of ferrous and non-ferrous metals precisely.

* Itfeatures high applicability and is widely used in producing workshop for quality control.







   Measuring accuracy: ± 4 HLD

   Hardness repeatability: ± 4 HLD

   Measuring range: 170960 HLD

   Testing direction: arbitrary 

   Hardness conversion: HRC, HRB, HB, HV, HSD & tensile strength

   LCD display: 3.9" LCD, 240 x 320 pixels resolution (touch screen)

   Data storage: 800 groups

   Upper & lower limit range: same as measuring range

   Working voltage: 3.7V (lithium rechargeable battery)

   Working time: 4-8 hours

   Charging power: DC 5.5V/1A

   Continuous working time after one charging: about 30 hours (backlight not on)

   Working temperature: 0 °C+50°C  

   Working humidity: 20%85%

   Storage temperature: -30 °C +70 °C  

   Storage humidity: 5%95%


   Dimensions: 180 x 90 x 30mm  

   Weight: 350g (including impact device)

   Packing dimensions:  368 x 247 x 87mm  

   Total weight: Approx. 5.5Kg


   Heatsensitive printer:

   Width of print paper: 57.5± 0.5mm

   Diameter of paper roll: 30mm (Heatsensitive print paper)

   Printing speed: 5cm/sec. (when power is enough)

   Printing resolution: 203dpi (8dot/mm)

   Working power supply: 650mAh 7.2V rechargeable NiMH

   Recharging power supply: DC 12V/1A

   Dimensions: 90 x 76 x 36mm  

   Weight: 220g (not including paper roll)

   Working temperature: -20 °C +50 °C  

   Working humidity: 20%85%

   Storage temperature: -30 °C +70 °C  

   Storage humidity: 5%95%  


Standard accessories

   Heatsensitive mini-printer: 1 pc.

   D type impact device: 1 pc.

   Small support ring: 1 pc.

   Leeb standardized block: 1 pc.

   Charger: 1 pc.(For both main machine and printer)

   Nylon brush: 1 pc.

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