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TE Brinell Hardness Image Automatic Measuring Instrument is a newly developed professional computer image measuring system which is specially used for Brinell hardness indentation measurement. It adopts computer digital image software processing technology which can measure the indentation diameter of Brinell hardness test in real time and intuitively, and measure the Brinell hardness value automatically.

TE Brinell Hardness Image Automatic Measuring system integrates high speed USB industrial CCD camera (resolution 1280*1024 pixels) with digital image data acquiring ablility and high speed data processing and calculating ability of computer.It applies aerial remote measuring and automatc image tracking technology, when testing, just aim the measuring probe at the indentation, the system will lock and track the indentation automatically and then calculate out the diameter of indentation and Brinell hardness value. It makes it possible that the Brinell hardness measurement will not be affected by the factors of operator and measuring tools etc, thus the measuring accuracy and reliability are greatly improved. This system is not only suitable for the high precision inspection for scientific research and fault analysis, but also suitable for hardness testing of work pieces with high roughness in field of production. By using optical measuring devices with various magnification ratios, it can finish the Brinell indentation measurement for different Brinell hardness ranges. It is also suitable for hardness testeing of samples and work pieces with low finishing degree.

TE Brinell Hardness Image Automatic Measuring system adopts advanced digital image processing technology, which can realize automatic computer testing, automatic data processing. It can display the indentation image dynamically and measure the indentation diameter and calculate the Brinell hardness value in real time. system features simple structure, convenient maintenance and high reliability. The measured data, measuring situation and testing condition can be saved in database of system for the convenient data query later. The system is equipped with elaborated integrative measuring probe, the resolution of image reaches 1024*768 pixels. In this way, the edge of indentation can be clearly displayed and identified. The measuring accuracy of this system reaches ±0.01mm.

The system also features the auxiliary functions like hardness-hardness conversion, hardness-tensile strength conversion, testing result voice replaying etc. It can also produce hardness testing process control chart (X-R) automatically. The testing report can be printed out automatically according to any report formats, the report templet can be desgined by customer.

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