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Concept of Huayin Culture:

Objective: To lead hardness tester industry in China and forge model of testing machine in the world.

Style: To carry on “meticulous, strict and careful; quality first” from generation to generation.

Spirit: Careful, Realistic, Self-improving, Innovative

Tenet: To create value for customers, confidence for shareholders, opportunities for employees and wealth for the society.

Commitment: Huayin pursues excellent quality with perseverance.


Construction History of Huayin Culture:

Inherit Careful Working Style, Establish Moral Model

Create Innovative Atmosphere, Build Harmonious Homeland


I. Inherit Careful Working Style

1、Silk banner of “To carry on ‘meticulous, strict and careful; quality first’ from generation to generation” awarded by National Ministry of Machinery

2、At the end of the 1970s, the company was awarded one of Five National Red Flag

3、Quality experience like “Three-accordance”, “three-inspection”, “three-automation and one-control” originating from the company has been promoted all over the country and listed in textbook.

4、The company continuously improves the advancement of production equipments and introduces more than 400 sets of NC processing equipments including nine processing centers.

5、Inspecting product quality with precise methods, the company is the only enterprise of hardness transfer in the domestic hardness tester industry.

6、Continuous innovation spirit realizes sustainable R&D strength; Provincial Technological Center, Beihang Huayin Testing Technology R&D Center , Hi-tech Enterprise


II. Establish Moral Model

●Model leads morality

1.Heroes emerges in endlessly

There have three provincial model workers, nine Yantai municipal model workers, seven Laizhou municipal model workers and five excellent Party members of Laizhou in the company. Wang Yongxin has been awarded “Advanced Individual Helping Others in Laizhou” and “The 2nd Ten Outstanding Youths in Laizhou”; Li Xiuchun has been awarded “Excellent Mother in Yantai”, “Top 10 Mothers in Laizhou”, “Ten-star Civilized Family” and “Good Citizen of Qilu Golden Cup”.

2.To set up and perfect excellence appraisal mechanism

The company adheres to appraising excellent Party members, model workers and skill experts, etc. every year, which encourages healthy trends in the enterprise and keeps the enterprise in a favorable atmosphere.

●Pursue Product Quality

1.Adhering to the concept of “Product is personality”, the company has paid much attention to product quality for half a century. In 1979, 1983, and 1988, the company has been awarded “Silver Award for National Quality Product (National Excellence)”for successive three times. New products developed recently have been awarded “National Silver Award for Independent Innovation” for several times.

2.In the new century, the company takes “To develop national industry” as responsibility, increases the inputs in scientific research, and speeds up management innovation and independent innovation. New products and independent innovation patents have yielded impressive results: “Huayin” hardness tester was awarded “Famous Brand of Shandong”; “Huayin” brand was awarded “Famous Trademark of Shandong”; and the company passed the certification of ISO9000 Quality System

●Establish Enterprise Image

1.Advertising wall of the company

2.Lofty honors: Yu Qiuli, Sun Jian, Yang Dezhi, Zhou Guangzhao and other Party and state leaders have visited the company for many times.

3.Take the crown in the industrial appraisal

4.Leading enterprise in the industry in Laizhou

5.As the industry and talent cradle in Laizhou, the company shoulders the due social responsibility of an enterprise.

6.The product pursues elaboration, delicacy and accuracy, and pays much attention to quality, variety and brand.


III. Create Innovative Atmosphere

●Create learning-oriented enterprises

1. The company is birthplace of the first vocational university in Laizhou and the training base of highly-skilled talent in Yantai.

2.Favorable staff training and talent-selected system is the power to develop the company. The company owns more than 50 professors and senior engineers, four municipal experts who are top-notch talents and three academic pacemakers, over 100 technicians, four senior technicians, eight technicians with outstanding contribution in Yantai (80% of technicians with outstanding contribution in Laizhou), and two chief technicians in Yantai. Over 30% of employees graduated from colleges and secondary technical schools, and 90% of employees own intermediate and senior technical qualification.

3、The company won the first four awards in the 1st Laizhou CNC Lathe Skills Contest and first and second awards of the 2nd Locksmith Contest. Wang Yingjun, Secretary of the Party Committee, President and General Manager, is the winner of special government allowance honored by the State Council, one of 17 members of National Committee of Force and Hardness Measurement Technology.

●Build Innovative Organization

1.Since 2000, the company has been awarded eight National New Products.

2.Since 2005, the company has gained ten national patents with proprietary intellectual property rights.

3.Since 2005, the company has won three Silver Awards for National Independent Innovation

4.The company owns four research institutions: Huayin Machinery Research Institution, Huayin Electronic Research Institution, Beihang Huayin Testing Technique R&D Center and Production, Education, Research Institution of a military research institution in Xi’an.


IV. Build Harmonious Homeland

1.As “Yantai Advanced Enterprise for Openness of Factory Affairs”, the company provides inspection field for openness of factory affairs in Shandong Province, on behalf of Yantai and Laizhou.

2. AAA Enterprise for Harmonious Labor Relation in Yantai

3.Civilized Enterprise in Laizhou and Yantai, Enterprise of Excellent Political Thoughts in Yantai

4.Inherit the traditional culture of “Enterprise—Big Family Construction” and reward the excellent children of employees.

5.Show loving care for life of retired staff and build up warm atmosphere of big family.