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Name History:

In Feb. 1948   Yexian Production Assistance Agency

In Apr. 1949   Shandong Yexian Xinghua Factory   (Xinghua for short)

In Jan. 1962   Shandong Yexian Material Testing Machinery Factory   (Yecai for short)

In Aug. 1987   Laizhou Testing Machinery Factory   (Laishi for short)

In Oct. 1990   Laizhou Huayin Testing Instrument Co., Ltd.   (Laizhou Huayin for short)


Trademark History:

Before 1990: Yongguang

After 1990: Huayin


Founded in 1948. Government-funded seven kilograms of food, set up ye xian auxiliary agency.
1948-1960 in the main production items: matches, wine, paper, Jiefang tankers, universal tractor, Spike machine, hat machine, gas engines, diesel engines, industrial pumps, table vice, etc.
The establishment of trade unions in 1952
Laiyang agency in 1954 (54) 600, approved the text, the investment 4,600 yuan (old currency 46 million yuan) to develop hardness testing equipment; changed 10 hours of work 8-hour work system
1955 to establish technology committees; the establishment of the quality inspection team, the quality inspection system issued by 20
The establishment of laboratories in 1956; implemented eight wage system; carry out the "revolutionaries" campaign
Mechanical Department, Shandong Province in 1957 (57) 137 6103 yuan Wen funding; start rectification Anti-Rightist Campaign
Funds of 331,000 yuan in 1958 to establish ye xian iron factory; branch into general Party branch; established militia
Zhang Hongming, vice director in 1959 to attend the national competition to by the Party and state leaders
1960 business leaders reverted to the Industrial Development Bureau, Yantai
1961 First Ministry of Machine No. 1855 which provides for factory production temperature hardness fixed, including: Rockwell hardness, Brinell hardness, Blow dual hardness, hardness blocks. First Ministry of Machine fourth game of the Working Group trial of new products into the plant arrangement; First Domestic 150A Rockwell Hardness Tester in the successful development of our factory
Enterprises in Shandong Province in 1962 under the Office of Machinery Industry; Enterprises changed its name to "Shandong ye xian material testing machine"; First Domestic HB-3000 Brinell hardness tester type developed in our factory
1963, China's first portable Brinell hardness tester, developed in our factory Vickers hardness tester developed in our factory; plating group split up into ye xian electroplating; Shandong Machinery Industry Department (63) No. 501 issued the first batch of military technology change cost 57,200 yuan, began to military production enterprises; in November, the first export of Brinell hardness of 13 units
1964 HBX-0.5-based portable Brinell hardness tester developed in our factory
1965, China's first HS-15 type Shore hardness meter developed in our factory; by the state inspection assessed as Grade Brinell hardness
1966, China's first large-scale Brinell hardness, Rockwell superficial hardness tester, portable hardness tester Buloh, Vickers hardness indenter developed in our factory, through the national identification; Rockwell hardness tester, three with a hardness tester Rockwell hardness indenter passed the provincial appraisal; Vickers hardness tester went to Japan to exhibitors; in December, China's first HRBD-150 type Brinell Rockwell & Vickers hardness tester developed in our factory;
Established in 1967, the Revolutionary Committee; by the State Board approved the measure, companies will set up degree of station independence for hardness standard transmission, so far, Huayin remains the only transfer a business unit of the secondary hardness
1968, China's first HD-187.5 Brinell Rockwell & Vickers hardness tester developed in our factory
Former member of the CPC Central Committee in 1969, Jinan Military Region Commander Yang Dezhi to factory inspection
1970, China's first HRVD-10 Lovi hardness, HBM-3000 Brinell hardness portal developed in our factory; in April, according to Defense Office of the instructions, contracted to produce 610 military mission
1971 material testing machine set up ye xian Party, Communist Youth League
Optical military building completed in 1972, contracted to produce 312, 40 rocket-sight production, enable the "state-owned 4825 Factory" name
The first machine in 1973, the Ministry of Industry held in our plant exchange business management field experience; First Domestic HBZ-3000 Automatic Brinell hardness, Rockwell hardness gear in the successful development of our factory
1974, China's first medium-HBG-3000 Brinell hardness tester developed in our factory; by the testing machine testing center in Changchun, China inspection, factory cloth, Luo, Victoria of three leading products continue to be rated as Grade A
HRU-150AT 1975, 5 kinds of hardness developed in our factory; company secretary of the National Industrial Science Daqing experience exchange and sharing of experiences at the meeting were quality; business start-up "7. 21 workers in the University" and in the whole County Admissions
Biological Microscope 1976, through the identification and mass production
June 4, 1977 the former Vice Premier Sun Jian to factory inspections; Our factory has been awarded a national testing machine industry model, one of the five red flags, machinery awarded the "meticulous quality first, strict fine rife from generation to generation," a banner ; December 29, former Politburo member Yu Qiu, Vice Premier, the State Economic Commission deputy director of the Ma Yi, Gu Xiulan, deputy director of the State Planning Commission, Ministry of Machinery Industry Minister Zhou Zijian, deputy secretary of the Deputy Minister Xiang Qin and Jane South Province, Yantai prefectural secretary Zhu intrinsic to plant inspection
I plant in 1978 by Yan Wu, secretary of the National Conference on Science and winning; automatic Brinell hardness recognition by the National Conference; Brinell hardness, Rockwell hardness, Vickers hardness tester was named "quality products"; I plant was testing machine industry as the national model; crankshaft Rockwell hardness tester and other 9 kinds of products successfully developed, through the identification and award-winning
Jiang, director of the original product in 1979 to participate in the National Quality Conference, Brinell hardness, Rockwell hardness, Vickers hardness tester won the national quality silver medal
1980, "Everlight" brand hardness trademark by the State Administration for Industry and approved for use; country line comments, I plant Brinell Rockwell & Vickers hardness of three first-class products to maintain
Microcirculation observation in 1981, developed the optical Brinell
Shaw 1982 HBS-187.5 hardness tester, etc. 3 kinds of products successfully developed
1983 HBK-0.5 Brinell hardness within the hole so successfully developed two products
The second time won the national quality silver medal
China's first in 1984 hardness tester developed in our factory
In 1984 the factory acceptance by provincial total quality management
1985 to create two units of measurement Province acceptance
Modular Fixture room set up in 1986. Hong Kong joint venture to introduce the production of electronic color printing machine. Ye xian material testing machine set up party committee.
Yantai University in 1987 in co-operation with the computer management. Foundry relocation of the West branch, the new optical floor completed. Of the "Quality Management Award of Shandong Province."
1988 HRS-150, HV-50, HB-3000 three kinds of products won the national quality silver medal in the third.
Established in 1989, Dresser workshops. CAS President Zhou Guangzhao province, accompanied by city leaders to factory inspection. Enterprise Quality Management Award by Shandong Province.
Laizhou Huayin 1990 Test Instruments Co., Ltd Sino-listed and held ceremonies.
1991 Chinese Academy of Sciences and Test Instruments Co., Ltd Laizhou Huayin signed co-production printer. Production bench drill. The company over 50 years old male and female aged over 45 personnel of the internal Tuiyang.
Security companies in Hong Kong in 1992 with the production of liquid crystal display joint venture project negotiations.
Workers set up in 1993, shares the sea Tin Co., Ltd. Laizhou crystal.
1994 Experimental Factory of Shandong Laizhou City, Shandong Laizhou change the testing machine Factory
Laizhou 1995 merger electroplating. Laizhou Testing Machine Factory plating Founded. Laizhou City designated as the lead in my factory founded Laizhou Dongfang Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
The successful development of HVT-1-type image processing micro Vickers hardness tester and HBV-30A type Bouvet hardness tester, and through ministry-level appraisal
New product appraisal meeting held in 1997, on the HVT-1-type image processing micro Vickers hardness tester and HBV-30A type Bouvet hardness were carried out identification of ministerial and provincial-level Science and Technology Commission.
1998 Testing Machine Factory for the first time enterprise restructuring.
Maanshan Iron & Steel 1999, Phase II "line automatic detection of wheel hardness", micro Vickers hardness tester, Brinell hardness number was small load meter, Clamp-hardness tester, shore hardness testers, the new three-meter with a hardness of plastic Rockwell hardness tester, digital surface Rockwell hardness tester, the new Leeb hardness tester, Rockwell hardness tester within the hole such as 10 types of successful trial of new products.
2000, passed the ISO9001 quality system certification. Institute for establishment of electrical appliances. Richter meter multi-function, digital microscope, the digital surface Rockwell design, Shaw rubber total of four new products through the provincial technical appraisal. Involved in packaging machine parts production.
In mid-May 2001 in Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, formally established the "Beihang Huayin Test Technology Research and Development Center." August 24, "Test Technology Research and Development Beihang Huayin" listed in my factory. Beihang leadership COSTIND leadership, party secretary Liu Yanlin participate listing ceremony. HRS-45-type digital Rockwell superficial hardness, LX-A type Shore hardness of rubber, respectively, of the 2001 Shandong Machinery Industry and Technology Progress Award second prize, third prize.
Joint-stock enterprise restructuring in 2003 to complete the work
2004 Love silver hardness of the "Shandong Famous Brand" title
In 2005, the implementation of power distribution room unattended. Plane through the factory of production for the acceptance of the Ma On Shan
Firms set up wholly owned subsidiary of Test Instruments Co., Ltd. Taizhou Laizhou Huayin
2007, building a new factory site area, the size of about 80 acres.
2008, the company formed a joint venture subsidiary, Laizhou Huayin Test Instruments Co., Ltd, Hefei. Company employee contributions for the earthquake and turned over to the special party membership dues will be 10 million yuan, labor and social security bureau of Yantai City, the name "Yantai City training base of highly skilled personnel." Two workers were Yantai City, the title of chief engineer, an employee given the title of Senior Engineer, Shandong Province. "Huayin" trademark was awarded Famous Brand of Shandong.
2009, cooperation with the Harbin gear box factory, involved in the auto parts industry.
Company is Shandong Province Science and Technology Agency, Department of Finance, Provincial Administration of Taxation, General Administration of the name rent high-tech enterprise.
2010, the company introduced "star employees" system. Axis type, pressure vessels, online, automatically detect hardness to batch production. There are nine employees of higher qualified technicians, a total of over 13 people.