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Technical strength

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Technical strength

President Wang Yingjun is the winner of special government allowance honored by the State Council, one of 17 members of National Committee of Force and Hardness Measurement Technology, and senior engineer.

In 1998, the company successfully developed the standard Rockwell hardness tester.

In 2001, the company successfully developed the standard Leeb hardness tester for No.304 Institute of Aviation Industry Corporation of China.

In 2006, the company successfully developed the standard Brinell hardness tester for National Institute of Metrology.

Recently, the company has developed more than ten large-sized online automatic testing equipments for the famous enterprises, such as Ma Steel, Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Group Co., Ltd., etc.

Since 2000, the company has manufactured over ten national key products.

Since 2000, the company has gained 20 national patents and declared six patents. 

The company sets up long-term partnership on R&D and standard development with over ten research institutions, such as NO.304 Institution, Beihang University, National Institute of Metrology, etc.  

The company employs over twenty senior engineers and more than ten municipal experts who are top-notch talents of special technology and academic pacemakers sharing special allowance from the State Council.

There are seven professors and four senior engineers in Beihang Huayin Testing Technique R&D Center.

Besides, the company employs 13 senior technicians, 100 technicians and 389 technicians with intermediate and senior vocational qualification.

The company has been honored Champion and Runner-up in Municipal Skills Contest for successive two times; there are nine technicians honored Yantai Technician with Outstanding Contribution, one Chief Technician in Shandong Province, and two Chief Technicians in Yantai City.